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Gotta Admit, I'm pretty upset right now

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After a wek of fighting the elements here in NJ i have gotten power back in my 20 long. Every thing in the tank died except for the white clouds. im gonna use this situation to improve the tank, maybe get a small cichlid as my new center piece fish but right now im just sad
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I am very sorry. Every loss is a sad one. I hope you're able to rebuild it into something that makes you happy again.
I feel your loss. Quite a few years ago we lost power for 3-4 days and I had only one out of 11 fancy goldfish survive. I put a lot of effort into my goldfish and they all had unique personalities. Sometimes it can be really hard, but it is good to see the opportunity in it to start again. I feel your pain, hopefully your next set up will bring you even more joy :)
Condolences on your loss. I am glad you still have white clouds.
Sorry to hear about that. Hopefully the tank can rebound even better!
I'm sorry for your loss. I've suffered through numerous floods, with heavy losses each time followed with weeks of cleaning, demolition and refurbishment... Insurance claims and the works. It gets easier but never at the moment...

Start anew and do better. I've added ups to protect against power surges and learned to use plants and less mechanical filtration as well as not overatocking... Ima habitual over feeder which never changed as I feel feeding time is when I connect with these little guys. I hope you can reboot the hobby and go to new heights.
Very sorry, Zack. I've been through a few storms too. Lost a parrot during a long black out, something I never thought would happen.

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I will express my sorrow at your loss. It is tough to see it all go bad. There are times when things just conspire to ruin our day. Over the years I have lost three tanks full to heaters which have stuck on. Sometimes it is just a big learning experience. I've just been reading about the lady who set her child on the guardrail at the zoo. That would really be a tough thing.
Sorry to hear that. Do you think it was from low temps or from water quality issues, or a combo of both? It really sucks either way, but it might help others in the future to know what you think was the cause.
Oh no, I am so so sorry. I hope you and all your loved ones are okay. Best of luck to you and try to have fun with your new tank.
ok guys so now that i lost everything :( i have to think about how to make this new tank better. Keeping in mind that i still have three white clouds how would you stock a 20 long? Thanks
Stay realistic, get more white clouds, how about shrimp and cories?

What fish died?
Awww, I'm so sorry that happened. I live in the NE and was wondering what I would do in the event of a power outage myself. I don't have any fauna yet, and I only lost power for a few hours, but it did make me wonder if there's some kind of fish saving kit I should keep on hand to minimize loss during weather events. Maybe in addition to adding new fish you should also throw a few bucks into an emergency kit--insulation of some sort to wrap the tank, a battery powered air pump, and an ammonia neutralizer. If your power is out for days and days your fish still might die, but they might have a bit more of a chance with these items on hand.
That sucks, man. Sorry to hear that. Im here in Central NJ And was out of power until earlier today. Fortunately, I had a generator and would use it to power up all of my tanks for a few hours every day to keep the temperature in the 60's.
Well, for starters you should fill your school of white clouds up. Since they made it through this ordeal, they have proven to be a good fish to have! And they are beautiful :)
Depends on what you like, but I would suggest another schooling species for the lower section of the tank. Glowlight Tetras, Rummynose Tetras or Dwarf Corydoras do just fine in cooler temps around 75-77 degrees F. Having a group at the bottom level and one at the top Level would be quite nice if you keep the schools betwen 15 and 20 fishes. Sounds like a lot of fish, but they are small and stay in specific areas of the tank so they would not be crowded for swimming space.

You had mentioned a small Cichlid as your centerpiece fish...that could be nice if you could fins a easy-going specimen, and skip more schooling species. There are some dwarf cichlids known to be good for community tanks, but I don't know about temperature compatibility with White Clouds. Perhaps someone could you help you out with that if you start another thread in the fish section.
Good luck!
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Sorry for your loss. My golden bees made it through 5 days without power/heat, so shrimp should also be okay. Some of my more slow growing mosses grew better than they have been so far, though. After this experience, I'm also thinking of switching to a few US natives or cold water killies.

Is there any sort of small power supply that will work for just a tank or two? I was thinking the kind for computers that protect them for up to 30 minute power outages. I'm also wondering how they would do just running a lamp and a filter?

Something else I was wondering about, is it better at some point to just wrap your tank in a plastic bag so they're in total dark rather than a week of way too dim lighting?
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