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got some shrimp..

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Hi all,
I just recieved a batch of ten tiger shrimp. Three have brought me the gift of eggs with them! I was originally going to pu them in my new tank set up but had set back due to a defective light fixture.
I have them in one of those plastic floating cages that are used for betas. The vents are very fine and I am more than certain that the shrimp will not escape.
I have to resort to putting them in the plastic "cage" in my 56gal with the discus, angels and such.
I have a 2.5 gal but it is not set up and was wanting to use this to store them unitl i can get the tank fully set up. I was wondering if getting some seeded peices of sponge from another tank and putting it into my little filter that i have store for this tank.
Will this work?
Is there any concerns i shoudl be aware of when dealing with pregnant shirmp, like temp, flow,etc.
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Using a seeded sponge will in many cases cycle your tank immediately. My advice is that you do this with the tank that the shrimp are going in and wait around two days. Then acclimate your shrimp slowly to the new water. Feed them lightly for the next two weeks.

I recomment a temp of around 73F and not more than 75F for the tank. Temperature is key, in my experience, to breed tiger shrimp. Also, remember they do better in acidic water.

Have fun with them,
thanks for the feedback!
I have hard water here, will the shrimp die before i get them into my 45 tank? I will have ADA AS so my water should be considerably softer than the 56gal and 2.5gal which they will be in until i can get the new tank set up.

I have read that the eggs by the tiger shrimp most likely wont survive in hard water, so im expecting these babies not to make it :(
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