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Got manzanita, need ideas!

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So a very generous forum member on here gifted me some manzanita driftwood today so I'll be doing some rescapes soon. Only problem is I have two cube tanks and have searched "manzanita cube aquascape" and just about every other related string of terms related to cubes and manzanita and haven't found much.

I'm coming here for advice.

Anyone care to show me some awesome manzy scapes in cube tanks for inspiration? I tend to be kind of "in the moment" with my scapes but want to do this right and actually have an idea formed before I just start gluing stuff to it and toss it in the tank.

Thank you all very much in advance :)
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Not sure whats up with your Google but mine seems to be working fine... lol. Searched "Manzanita Cube" and got several examples of what youre looking for in Google Images. Not a million but enough to get you some ideas I would think... What size tank? Pics of the wood? Substrate? Your preference of styles people are familiar with? Plants you wanna use? The questions could go on and on...
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