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Gorgeous Rack of 6 20-Gallon Tanks

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Located in Olympia, Washington: Gorgeous rack of six 20-gallon high aquariums, ready to add fish today. All hardware is less than one year old, and has been taken care of very well. Filters, heaters, thermometers, hoods, lights, stands, plants, rocks, driftwood. . . it's all been fully cycled, and is complete and proven. I'd like to move my attention elsewhere, so I've been working on consolidating my fish tanks. My loss is your gain completely on this one. This is a gorgeous setup, compact and complete.

Asking only $699 for the whole setup, plants and decor included!! For a setup like this you're looking at over $1,100 in equipment, plants, and decoration! Get it cycled with decorations, just add fish/stock!

Included in setup:
(6) 20 gallon Tall glass aquariums ($20 each new = $120)
(3) Titan Eze metal double stands ($37 each new = $111)
(6) Fluval AquaClear 30 filters ($35 each = $210)
(6) 50w heaters ($25 each = $150)
(6) Hoods with lights ($36 each = $216)
(2) Power strips ($20 each = $40)
(6) bags of CaribSea FloraMax ($18 each = $108)
(6) Stick on thermometers ($3 each = $18)
(3) Backgrounds ($2)
(1) Extra bulb for hood ($10)

Also includes:
$100+ worth of rock, plants, and wood (all decorations shown)!

THIS SETUP WAS OVER $1,000 NEW FOR HARDWARE ALONE, WHAT A STEAL! More than $100 in plants and decor included, all filters are cycled, and the tanks are ready for fish! Less than one year old, and has been cared for well quite well.

Asking only $699.00 for the whole setup!