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I will not be able to head into the city on the 13th, my next clean date looks like the 20th.
Not going to accept more work than I can accomplish next week, so its a guarantee that I will be there.
I have 4 people that I am meeting up with, and you will all receive private messages tonight to concrete the day and time in stone.

Below is my current list, pretty certain there are other plants which should be added but here goes:

Breathing Stuff-
40 Red Crystal Shrimp A Grade (1/3 inch to 1/2 inch) - $3.00e
10 Juvie Tiger (Wild Genetics) $3.50e
10 Marble Crayfish $4.50e
04 Peewee CPO $6.00e
02 Trio MFF of Yellow Tux Guppy $12.00

15 5-8 leaf Nana $3.75e
04 4-7 leaf Coffeefolia $3.75e
14 4-6 leaf Frazeri $3.75e
17 4-6 leaf Barteri $4.00e
12 3-5 leaf Congensis $3.75e
07 4-5 "Spade Leaf" Hastifolia $3.75 e

07 Blassii $2.75e rhizome
02 Dewitt $4.00 for about 4 rhizomes
09 Lucens $4.00 for about 10 rhizomes potted florida aquatic.
18 Lingua $2.00 each rhizome
04 Spiralis $7.00 each plug of 10? rhizomes. Growing emerged in about 3 inches of water, rhizomes are submerged.
11 Petchii $4.00 for about 8-12 rhizomes
06 Pontederfolia $4.00 for about 8 rhizomes
04 Undulata $4.00 each pot Florida Aquatic
13 Wendtii Bronze Tropica $4.00 for about 10 rhizomes
01 5x6 inches of Wendtii bronze, emerged growth $14.00
07 Willissi $4.00 for about 10 rhizomes
01 Usteriana Emerged $6.00e
10 Crypt Wendtii Green Emerged Rhizomes $2.00 each
30 Crypt Wendtii Extra Tall Rhizome clusters 7-10 rhizomes $4.50 each
30 Crypt Wendtii X Hybrid clusters 7-10 rhizomes $4.50 each

68 Marimo Balls (golfball sized) $3.50 each
08 Red Tiger Lotus $2.50e
05 Green Tiger Lotus $2.50e
11 Dwarf Lily Bulb $2.50 e

09 Lagenandra Thwaitesii $2.00e
09 Bolbtis heteroclita $3.25e
20 Rotala Nanjenshan $1.00e
Echinodorus Gabrieli $5.00e
Echinodorus Parviflorus "Tropica" $4.00e
Echinodorus Muricatus $3.00e
Echinodorus Schlueteri $5.00e
Echinodorus Barthii $5.00e
Echinodorus Argentinensis $3.00e

Mossy stuff
03 Subwassertang Golfball $4.50
01 2x2 inch Flame Moss Portion $6.50
04 Mixed Mossballs $4.00
05 2x2 inch fissidens pillows $6.50

30+ $9.50
60+ $17.00
90+ $26.00
120+ $35.00

Used Almost new or new Equipment Sale-
OR BEST OFFERS( on equip)
Tetra Whisper 10-20 (Used) $15.00
Tetra Whisper 2-10 (Used) New 3 filter pack included $13.00
Tetra Whisper 1-3 (2 Used, 1 New) New 2 filter pack $16.00 for all three filters. Missing 1x lid, not that it matters. You need an airpump for these to run.
Powerhead: 201 base unit., no airhose. Moves water, does its job. $5.00
Sunglo 15 Watt T-8 18" Bulb, new in box $5.00 (Local Pickup or delivery please) I can't guarantee shipping on bulbs.
API 7.0 PH 99% full. Only used a little of the stuff. Cost me like $12.00, $7.00 for you!
Large API container 90% filled, Fluval Carbon 1/4 filled and 99% filled 26oz box of API AMMO Chips $12.00

Tanks and Stands-
2x 33/55 gallon iron tank stands. Can put smaller tank on bottom shelf. $30.00 each
1x 33/55 gallon black laminate board/heavy stand $40.00
1x 20 gallon long stand - Penplax cheapo $30.00
5x 33 gallon long tank - $65.00 each
1x 30 gallon long tank - $30.00 each
1x 40 gallon breeder/glass tops/stand $80.00 OBO!

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Just took photos of both of them and will upload the shots shortly :^)
Give me a few minutes to boot up my laptop!

Regarding my next trip to Manhattan, unless I can put together $125.00 or more in sales I really can't head in. The transportation alone is around $50.00.

If it was spring/summer/fall I wouldn't mind, since its nice walking around. Now in the winter its pretty cold. :^(

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Hybrid Above

Extra Tall Above

The sizes represented in the photos would be $20.00 each
I'll treat them like most crypts, where people will end up getting a nice sized handful

The $4.50 portions would be roughly 1/4 of the amount pictured and are generous till my stock depletes.

Rare to see for sale in the USA, not many portions available either.

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are they are the same crypts? what is the name on your 2nd and 4th pic?
Gordon: Maybe you should setup a page with the names and pictures of all your anubias and crypts varieties? I would like to see what each one looks like.

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are they are the same crypts? what is the name on your 2nd and 4th pic?
Gordon: Maybe you should setup a page with the names and pictures of all your anubias and crypts varieties? I would like to see what each one looks like.

copy and paste in google :) they all show up....the only one i had trouble finding photos of was the dewitt.

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Reminds me of an underwater salad
omg jake you've hit the nail right on the head! I thought I was the only one with the depth and imagination to foresee such vivid imagery (I was actually going for a cryptocoryne smorgasburg really, but salad bar is close enough) thank you and happy holidays! :D

back on topic please... bump for Gordon!

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AVN I will send you a private message, could have sworn I was waiting for you to send payment via paypal? Sending pm in a few minutes sorry :^(

RYU I will attempt to provide photos of my stock. Its hard giving average shots but I'll try to do so. As it is I try to advertise my plants as smaller portions, so when people get nice quantites/sizes etc they are thrilled to get more.

Thanks for the rush of messages folks.

Regarding my schedule, I will be around on the computer a couple times today.
Being that tomorrow is Christmas, I might only be on in the morning and at a night!

Will be working this week Wednesday and Thursday, with hopes to get out of my office on Friday! If anyone wants to meet up this weekend, I will also be open and somewhat free as well!

Ready for the holiday to be over!


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Trying to take care of everyone, I haven't gone through every e-mail this past week or so because of a plethora of work to do @ the office. Should have had the ability to utilize 4 vacation days before the end of the year but can't afford to take any time off, it is that busy. Hectic hectic schedule, which means less energy/time to balance hobby time.
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