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Happy Holidays Everyone!

All December plants will be arriving within a week and a half.
Over 90 species will be stocked up on my sales list before X-mas!
As always I can special order anything you wish, and my prices are always awesome!

As a special I'm offering my red crystal shrimp for $3.00 each.
Get some candy canes in your tank this christmas!

Shipping starts at $6.50 based on your zipcode, plus $.70 cents for delivery confirmation.
72 hour Heatpacks are $2.00 each

Got questions? Want photos? Ask!

Breathing Stuff-
140 Red Crystal Shrimp A Grade (1/3 inch to 1/2 inch) - $3.00e
10 Red Crystal Shrimp S+ Grade - $6.00e
15 Juvie Tiger (Wild Genetics) $3.50e
08 Baby Rilli Shrimp $2.00e
03 Marble Crayfish $4.50e
01 Trio MFF of Yellow Tux Guppy $12.00

29 5-8 leaf Nana $3.75e
24 3-5 leaf Afzelli $3.00e
24 4-7 leaf Coffeefolia $3.75e
19 4-6 leaf Frazeri $3.75e
18 4-6 leaf Barteri $4.00e
16 3-5 leaf Congensis $3.75e
05 9-10 leaf Petites $4.00
12 4-5 "Spade Leaf" Hastifolia $3.75

80 Marimo Balls $3.50 each or 10 for $30.00!!!
12 Red Tiger Lotus $2.50e
12 Green Tiger Lotus $2.50e
02 Bolbitis heteroclita $6.00 for 5-6 rhizomes!
01 Manaus/Belem stem package mixed 3-4 inch rooted $5.00 for 6+ stems.
01 Java Ferns Mixed Narrow and Standard 2x2 inches of rhizome growth. Emerged in soil. $7.00 each
03 Rotala Wavy Stems $4.00 each
01 Random bag-o-stuff (Random plants taken out of a 20 gallon long) $9.00

Mossy stuff
01 Subwassertang Golfball $4.50
02 2x2 inch Flame Moss Portion $6.50
02 Mixed Mossballs $4.00
04 2x2 inch fissidens pillows $6.50

07 Albida $4.50e Rhizome
00 Balansae $2.00e rhizome
18 Blassii $2.75e rhizome
06 Large Ciliata $2.00 per rhizome
02 Dewitt $4.00 for about 4 rhizomes
10 Lucens $4.00 for about 10 rhizomes potted florida aquatic.
06 Spiralis $7.00 each plug of 10? rhizomes. Big. Florida aquatic
00 Parva $4.00 for about 10 rhizomes
03 Petchii $4.00 for about 8-12 rhizomes
12 Pontederfolia $4.00 for about 8 rhizomes
02 Pygmae $4.00e rhizome
05 Undulata $4.00 each pot Florida Aquatic
01 Wendtii Bronze Tropica $4.00 for about 10 rhizomes
01 5x6 inches of Wendtii bronze, emerged growth $15.00
02 Wendtii Brown $4.00 for about 7 rhizomes Pending[/COLOR]
05 Wendtii Green xTall Hybrid Sp. $5.50 for about 4-5 rhizome.
12 Wendtii Mi Oya $4.00 for about 10 rhizomes
08 Willissi $4.00 for about 10 rhizomes
11 Usteriana Emerged $6.00e
07 Usteriana Submerged Tall $7.50e wow these are huge

30+ $9.50 shipped
60+ $17.00 shipped
90+ $26.00 shipped
120+ $35.00 shipped

Used Almost new or new Equipment Sale-
OR BEST OFFERS( on equip)

Tetra Whisper 10-20 (Used) $15.00
Tetra Whisper 2-10 (Used) New 3 filter pack included $13.00
Tetra Whisper 1-3 (2 Used, 1 New) New 2 filter pack $16.00 for all three filters. Missing 1x lid, not that it matters. You need an airpump for these to run.
Powerhead: 201 base unit., no airhose. Moves water, does its job. $5.00
Sunglo 15 Watt T-8 18" Bulb, new in box $5.00 (Local Pickup or delivery please) I can't guarantee shipping on bulbs.
API 7.0 PH 99% full. Only used a little of the stuff. Cost me like $12.00, $7.00 for you!
Large API container 90% filled, Fluval Carbon 1/4 filled and 99% filled 26oz box of API AMMO Chips $12.00

Tanks and Stands-
2x 33/55 gallon iron tank stands. Can put smaller tank on bottom shelf. $30.00 each
1x 33/55 gallon black laminate board/heavy stand $40.00
1x 20 gallon long stand - Penplax cheapo $30.00
1x 33 gallon long tank - $70.00 each
1x 30 gallon long tank - $30.00 each

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Placing an order with Florida Aquatic, large plugs are $6.75 each if ordered in advance!
Next delivery, estimated first week in December.


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I'm looking for corkscrew vallisneria; is it a possibility?

It's been getting pretty cold at night now; are the plants going to be okay shipped or should I wait until spring?

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Gordon -

Let me know the next time you're in manhattan, I'll take a crypt balansae rhizome and a pack of almond leaves.

Still looking through the rest of your inventory....may end up wanting more.

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Will probably end up being in February, unless I put together enough orders for it to make sense to go into the city before that time. I know of one other person that wants 10 cherry shrimp from me.

Its costly going into the city, $44.00 when I bring my girlfriend in, then lunch etc. If I can get to $125.00 or more in sales I'd do a run into the city otherwise its just not cost effective. Plus its cold lol, I need to be bribed in this weather pretty much.

If you want to organize a "Save on shipping and pickup stuff from Gordon at Penn Station" thread feel free.

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