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Good t8 reflector??

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does anyone know where to get a good t8 reflector...

do they even make a reflector for t8 bulbs...

would a t5 reflector work?

Thanks for the help
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A T5 reflector will not work, it is too narrow. AH Supply reflectors for bigger PC bulbs work very well. Check out my latest hood where I used a T8 bulb with AHS reflectors:

You can optimize the spread by adjusting the bulb position and bending the reflector wider or narrower.

Here is where you can buy those reflectors:

Not cheap at all, but a good solution if you want the most light from your T8s. looks really good..

but seems like a lot of work..

looks like it does the job though

I was looking for more of a reflectors like the t5's that clip onto the bulb
Can't complain about the AHS reflectors. They do a fantastic job!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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