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Good substrate for active tank dwellers?

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I would like some words of wisdom.
Now it seems quite clear that anything such as these two substrates will have some effect on the clarity of the water when distrubed, yet I would like to hear from those that have used it.

I plan on having a turtle in my tank...actually I will have a turtle in my tank.

I am only torn as I am very much looking for a black substrate that can stand up to my turtle.

Of course, I am leaning towards Eco as I can purchase it locally and the Aqua Soil is $65 in shipping alone.

So, will the Eco hold up well to the rough turtle. Concerning the filter...will a sponge guard be neccesary to block any particles of sand or what have you out of the filter?

From the pictures it seems as if the aqua soil is granular, almost like flourite, yet it is hard enough to withstand occasional digs/replants?
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i would use Eco COmplete. as it doesnt cost as much, and im prety sure your turtle will rip the aquasoil to granular but its like soil.

once the Eco complete settles down. all the small particales will go to the bottom, do i dont think you need to worry much.
thanks for the quick reply, and the re-assurance.
Eco Complete is more expensive than Aqua Soil, atleast with the cheapest web prices I could find.

For example I calculated out the substrate for one tank, I'd need to fill 5,400 cubic inches which would be 89L of Aquasoil (10 bags=90L). And at $26/bag thats $260.

For Eco I used the substrate calulator here for the same size tank and it gave me a value of 310 pounds. Rounding that down to 15 bags (20 pound bags), at $18 each, is $270. So unless you can get it for cheaper than $18 a bag its going to be even more expensive than AquaSoil, plus shipping will probably be higher because your shippping more weight due to the fact its bagged with water.

FWIW Flourite I calculated at $182 for the same volume.
well, in his case, hes buying it from hes LFS.

or you should go to aquarium plant .com they got eco for 24 shipped
Still more expensive. For my example shipping for AS would bring my total up to $353.05 from adgshop to columbus ohio ($93.05 in shipping!).

$24 shipped for Eco is pretty good but using than number in my example would be $360, still more although were only talking marginal.

And if he's buying at an LFS probably even more expensive, I've not seen it under $24 at any of mine and then you'd still have to pay tax.

FWIW I am not saying AS is the way to go (I've never had turtles, I am sure it would make a mess) but folks seem to think AS is so expensive yet Eco is the most expensive substrate that I am aware of for plants. I'd probable pic Eco for your app given the option of just the two, but I've heard it breakes down as well and can make a mess. For my next tank with 'active' bottom dwellers I am going to just go with quartz sand and see how that works out.
I know that comparision pricewise between the eco/ada. The eco is $20/bag plus tax so $21.20/bag 6 bags= $127.20 I'm looking at that much for the ada before shipping.

I was thinking along the same lines though, the sand will fall (thank you gravity) and the larger dirt will stay on top, which will work.

I may throw a layer of onyx on top, yet I hear that this is light/dark grey, not black, which would then be ugly.
I know that comparision pricewise between the eco/ada. The eco is $20/bag plus tax so $21.20/bag 6 bags= $127.20 I'm looking at that much for the ada before shipping.
Do you? Not trying to be sarcastic or anything but without knowing the size of your tank and assuming that 6 bags of Eco is exactly what you need then that is about 2200 cubic inches of substrate which is 36 liters and 4 bags of AS. 4 bags AS = $104, 6 bags of Eco at your price is $127.20

Of course the shipping would then put AS more expensive, $33 to my addy for 4 bags so total would be $137. I've never seen Eco as cheap as $20/bag at any lfs thats a steal of a deal really, cheaper than any internet price I've seen (when combining shipping) which is hard to believe an LFS has such a good deal. I'd jump on that deal if I had a need for Eco.

BTW the Onyx sand I have had I'd classify as light/med grey, and it probably wouldnt sit on top of much, it would sink to the bottom. I put plain aquarium black gravel on top of onyx sand and it did look pretty good, but with something moving around substrate it would be stirred up on top in spots.
yeah, I know for sure the stirring up, it would happen, but, like you said, for eco at the price I have, go for it.

whatever happens happens, maybe 2" eco for the plant roots, 1" plain black gravel for protection/etc.
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