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Good sources to learn about authentic fresh and brackish water ecosystems?

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For those who are interested in learning about natural environments, are there any books or websites that inventory different aquatic ecosystems, providing a list of the various plants and creatures, big and small, along with specs on environmental parameters? Also, what would be some words I could use to google the subject matter?

For instance, the aquariumplants website helps organize plants according to region (North America, South America, etc.), but I'm looking for more specific info that analyses ecosystems as a whole, showing not just what region a plant will be found, but also, what other plants, fish, and invertebrates will likely be found as well, and what the parameters could possibly be, throughout the year.
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Good question. I dont suppose you are talking about a book such as Diana Walstad's right?
A little old but a classic none the less:

Hynes, H.B.N., The Ecology of Running Waters, University of Toronto Press, 1970

More of a text book but very comprehensive. Used it in grad school many years ago. has good info about where each species of fish are found. (all water types) has a separate page about each species with details about water chemistry and conditions. Limited to the Rainbow fish and their closest relatives. lots of info about the Catfish families.
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