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Good place of a difusser and such....not a head shop though

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Hey so i am looking to finish my co2 set up... now i am looking for a good place to buy a difusser for my 75g...along with a bubble counter, check valve, and a wired solenod.. got the bottle, neddle valve, regualtor just cant find a place to buy the rest... gla is out of stock on almost everything but i like there parts.. ebay has a ton but all cme from hong kong...i got some rc stuff from hong kong and it took forever... i need to get this sucker up and running....also if anyone got a rena xp 3 laying around i blew up the pump in noise or function....but i need to know where to get a nice glass difusser and such ...preferably close to the west coast i am in washington...thanks in advance
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For a 75 gallon aquarium, I would recommend that you not use a diffuser, but an inline reactor. It will be much more efficient in diffusing your CO2. You should be able to find instructions for DIY-ing your own inline reactor online.

For the solenoid, check valve and bubble counter, eBay or the Swap and Shop is likely the best option. There are definitely some North American vendors for the solenoid, as well as check valves (I assume you are looking for brass ones and not plastic).

For the bubble counter, depending on what style you want, your options may be limited. I believe the JBJ styled bubble counter is now only sold in Asia, so you may have no other option but to purchase from Asia.
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