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Good Online Source for PFR Shrimp?

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I am looking for a good online source for high quality painted fire red shrimp. I see aquatic arts is selling PFR, and I was wondering whether anyone had experience buying those high grade shrimp from them. Without being able to examine them myself before buying, I'd like to get a sense of how they match in terms of grading standards.
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Considering Aquatic Arts sells imported shrimp, I do not recommend them. It's quite possible for imported shrimp to come in with Ellobiopsidae, which is a green fungus like parasite. Possible treatments to kill the parasite are likely to kill the shrimp in the process... if the shrimp don't die first from the parasite itself. On top of that, it's possible for the parasite to wipe out an entire colony of shrimp, if you aren't careful. Some people buy shrimp and their shrimp appear healthy, no new additions or anything.... 3-6 months down the road, the parasite rears it's ugly head in your aquarium! So even if you quarantined for 30-90 days, there's no guarantee that the shrimp you brought in are parasite free...

I can't guarantee that all these sellers have PFR shrimp, but here are a few that I do recommend! (linked to a couple)

Erik Lucas of BuyPetShrimp
Han Tran of Han Aquatics
Grant Eder of TGOEshrimp - Painted Fire Red Cherry - TheGardenofEder
Lucas Bretz of LRB Aquatics (or LRBretz Aquatics) - Buy Freshwater Aquarium shrimp for sale Snowball Neocaridina | L.R.Bretz Aquatics
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Thanks for the tips. A lot of online sellers sell things like Fire Red Cherry Shrimp which is hard to interpret about the grading. The GardenofEder website seems to sell separate grades of Cherry, Fire Red, and Painted Fire Red shrimp, so that seems to imply that there is some more stringent sorting of grades going on.
There's Low Grade cherries, Sakura/Fire Reds and Painted Fire Reds. Not counting other colors of red... such as Bloody Mary.

Lucas Bretz has some really nice shrimp as well, though. They might be Painteds even though they aren't advertised as such? Not sure.
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