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Good Light for a 60-P

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I am on a new quest for the right light for my new 60-P. Here are my requirements:

- Virtually Silent - No loud fans, etc - preferably no fans
- Low Profile - thin top-to-bottom
- Hang-able - Will be suspended perhaps 6-inches over the tank
- High-light output - Will be part of a high-tech tank
- Quality - I will never buy another Odyssea/Jebo :icon_evil

I am looking at the 24-inch Tek (4x T5HO on 2 switches) - about $350 all in - just seems like a lot of money to light this little thing - Also looked at MH, but my options would be 70w or 150w with no real dusk/dawn options... CF is an option - if I could find a nice low-profile fixture that will hang...

Is there some great options that I am just overlooking?
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For ~$350, why not get:
^ that'll blast your tank with light though.

A regular Orbit could be another choice, but it's not as "low profile" as the Outer Orbit which is thinner/flatter.

SunPod/Orbit hanging kits:

I won't even go into the Outer Orbit/T5 setups since they're $$$$.
LOL - Well, that one might white-wash my carpet in a halo around the tank. I didn't know you could hang the Orbits. Thanks for the info!

For the cost, I am not sure that I would be any better off than the Tek light. Plus the Tek has no fans and is only about half as tall...

What about ADA's 72w Solar II ??? Too little light?

Or the Coralife 2x65w (can you hang this one)?
Heya Dan, doing some reading and just happened to see your post here. Do you know anyone with carpentry skills.

I bet they can make you a hang-able enclosure that could fool people into thinking it was a commercial product. You can have someone build you the enclosure and fit one of those ahsupply retrofit kit in it. No fans, lots of light and probably 1/4 the price of what you're looking at in retail products.
Hey there!

I could do something like that, but the specifics of this setup require for a low profile or at least generally compact light, which will hang from an arm over the tank. 1 short side will be along the wall, with the two long sides serving as a small visual barrier between my desk and the living room. So the light will also become part of the visual barrier - and I would like to make it as "not there" as possible... and what you do see should be nice and modern looking...
This is what I meant by someone with good carpentry skill. The ahsupply retrofit is approx 2" high. If you know someone who can rig up a fancy enclosure, you're set. Also, the retrofit kits' ballast can be mounted under the tank as I was told. This is only an idea btw, meant to save you money, so you can buy more fish and plants LOL! :)
reybie - I didn't realize the retro kits could be that compact... I will have to give that another look...
My 55w AHS retrofit is ~3" high. Add in space for ventilation, thickness of wood...I'd say around ~5". Not bad at all.
I use a 24" 65 watt Freshwater Aqualight on my 60-P. I'm very happy with it.

On my lower tech one, I use a 36 watt Catalina Aquarium fixture. It's pretty much the same thing as a Coralife.

Does it have to be hangable? If so, a 150 watt HQI would be good. JBJ makes the Viper, that thing is tiny.
How About the 3x29 watts T5 Fixture here:

Turtlehead are using them on a 10 gallon tank, but the lenght is 24" and its perfect for 60p
5-inches is too tall for the light.

According to this -- fairly scientific -- study of ADA setups a 60-P (17 gallons) would have around 83w of light...
Turtlehead's 3x T5 does look nice, but doesn't look hangable. His 36-inch Tek looks awesome...
Heh, 124w for my 40g. Hmm. :)

Guess my 2x36w fixture for my 10g isn't overkill! :D
Ya, it flattens out really fast as you get to larger tank sizes. 162 for my 72-gallon (that currently runs 324w).

The lighting ratio is typically much higher on small setups.
i talk to turtlehead about the lightniong, he told me that you can drill some hole at the fixture to hang it
try HTG garden supply 2x24w T5 HO $96 shipped with warranty very quiet and very cool runnining fixture. look for my review and pics in one of the recent lighting threads. I went with Current Nova Extreme for my 60p but its not hangable I know where to get them for $160 shipped.
HTG sells one with 4 bulbs for the same price but looks way nicer.
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