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Good light for a 55 gallon

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Hello, I was hoping someone could recommend a nice light for a 55 gallon tank? I do not want a high light setup (one that requires CO2). I want a light that will grow low/medium light plants very well.

My substrate will be black fluorite sand.

Thank you!
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I use Coralife T-5 normal output (T5NO) fixture over my 55. One bulb is a 6700K and the other is a colormax. Both bulbs are rated at 28 watts each. sells them.
Thanks for your suggestion :) I noticed that that comes out to 56 watts which is just barely over 1 watt per gallon. I read that 2 watts per gallon is ideal for medium light setups. Does the fact that the lights are T5 make a difference for better growth?
You are correct. The T-5 lights are more efficient. The watts per gallon rule applies to T-12 bulbs if i'm not mistaken. Copy and paste this link into your browser. It should help you out in understanding light.
OK, cool I thought so. Can you or anyone else recommend any other fixtures preferably with a mount? The one you mentioned doesn't have a mount and I need one. It doesn't have to be T5NO. It can also be compact fluorescent.
Maybe some others will chime in on what they use. I've never used a compact fluorescent so I'm not sure what to recommend. I do believe coralife makes mounts for their fixtures.
What do you mean by "mount"? Legs? Hanging Kit?
The Coralife T5NO unit does have thin wire legs that slide out, and allows the fixture to rest on the top of a tank. I've had great results with these lights over my 55 and 20 long low tech tanks.
What do you mean by "mount"? Legs? Hanging Kit?
I meant legs. Like the kinds that slide so you can adjust them to the tank. Do I even need legs come to think of it? Maybe I can just rest that Coralite fixture on top of the tank? I will be using those thin glass covers to cover the tank.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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