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I've recently acquired four discus, and have increased the temp of my tank to about 85º F, and my question is - what is a good ground cover plant that I could get that would survive those temps? I saw a thread about a guy who had DHG in with his discus but the high temps killed it, I was planning on doing that but it looks like i'll have to try something else! My setup is as follows:

55G tank
2x 54 watt aquaticlife T5HO's
Tank temp: 85º
CO2 Supplementation from a 20lb CO2 tank with a glass diffuser going in to my Fluval 305 intake
Dosing with almost the entire seachem line - Flourish comprehensive, potassium, phosphorus, " Aquavitro Synthesis" (Nitrogen), Iron, and Trace

I feel like I should be able to grow pretty much whatever the heck I want with the equipment I have, but I don't know anything about the temperature barrier...

I was thinking about glosso, pygmy chain sword, possibly dwarf baby tears (though I've tried those before and don't particularly want to attempt those again... Too much of a pain to plant) anything cool that i'm forgetting?

Thanks in advance!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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