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Good Deal on Luxfer Tank?

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On Craigslist. He says it's a 10 lb aluminum tank, but I can't find any examples of ones with the silver turn valve?

I'm due to pick it up tomorrow, but I want to have you guys who are more familiar with CO2 equipment to let me know if anything seems wrong about this. Thanks!
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Looks like a nice tank with a high quality Stainless valve to me. Sweet!
look at the rest of the numbers should be a 10# on it for size also look at the hydro date
Yeah I will definitely check that info. Thanks for looking! Picking it up later this afternoon for $75.
A bit pricey though since I picked up a new 20 lb from Ebay w free delivery for $99.00.
Looks like a reasonable deal at the price. Do check the size if you are not able to eyeball it yet. Some sell tanks which are not as stated. Also the test date is important. I don't like the handles on small tanks but they can be removed easily with a pair of snap-ring pliers if it is in the way of your reg. I'm not used to seeing the dust cover on CO2 tanks but you might want to check the fitting to be sure it is CGA320 and not something weird. There can be some weird things out there.
Like Walax said, it's an SS valve. Much more expensive than brass ones.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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