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Good deal on discus?

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I got an e-mail back from J&J discus, with prices and pictures. I have my eye on on 4 different types.
Red Pigeon 2.5" for $22
Red / White 2.5" for $25
Cobalt Blue High Body 2.5” for $18
Red Melons 2.5" for $22

Is this a good price for discus?

The Red/White image (I like these the best):
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Doesn't sound bad at all. Shipping will probably kill you though.

If I was buying such a centerpiece fish though, I'd get the highest quality possible.
where are you located??? because my LFS in new york "" have 2" pigeon blood on sale for $10 and 3" red turqouise for $20.

It's a good deal, but like the guy say before shipping will be a killer. Check htey have some pretty sweet deal sometimes. I think the have 8 red melons for $80 plus shipping. Assorted will be like $120 including shipping... you really have to find what you want than the deal fo it.
Hobowire - I live nowhere near you, but thanks.

J&J Discus doesn't ship; you get to hand select the discus there. I don't live too far from their store, only about an hour drive.
Its a good deal I would do it if I was going to pick them up but for shipping them from a world a way or a country I personally don't trust the plan and everything else involved.
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