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Good carpet grassy plant?

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Hey All,

I just set up an ADA 12" cube with a hampton bay 27 watt pc light. I have aquasoil amazonia as a substrate and a nice stump in there. I was wondering what type of plant would make a nice carpet with out taking over the stump?

I will attach a picture of the tank in a few :)
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Some Pictures

I was trying to take off my flash but I couldn't figure it out. Where the glare of the flash was, there is actually a driftwood coming out, as you can see from the side pictures.
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UG is always good. However, it would also be helpful to know your parameters. Are you planning on fertilizing? Is this supposed to be low tech? Inject CO2?

Lilaeopsis is also a good genus to look for "grassy" plants.
No CO2. This is going to be mainly a shrimp tank so I dont want to mess with all that. This is just going to be a low tech tank.
Hmmm i was also thinking about lilaeopsis brasiliensis for a tank with clay for substrate and 3 co2.
OK bought the lilaeopsis brasiliensis and planted it, got the bunch and took it apart and planted it a few inches apart from each other.

We'll see how it develops. Tropica says it's not that much of a demanding plant.

The age of teh aquariums/aquahobby says it's hard to keep...
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