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So I broke down my 20g tall v1 because everything was super grown out and I was tired of doing the same trimmings for 4 months. Here is version 1:

At the time this photo was taken, I had already purchased and dropped in some v2 players: Rotala Wallichi, & Rotala Green both at the bottom left. In case you're wondering, my tank is on my bedside table/nightstand. That is why there is chap stick there lol.

So for version 2, I have the same specs as version 1 (for now):

20g tall
Odyssea 4X18Watt T5HO, 2 bulbs on 11am-7pm, other 2 bulbs join in from 11:30am-6:30pm
24 oz paintball CO2 tank, aquatek regulator
Aquaclear 70 (planted) prefilter sponge
Aqueon 100Watt heater
MGOPM in a black tray (see v1), iron chelate, capped with black sand

Fauna is subject to increase but for now:
3 Amano Shrimp
10 Glowlight Tetras
1 Female German Blue Ram
1 baby angelfish (couldn't resist)
1 Otto

v2 Flora:
Blyxa Japonica
Narrow Leaf Microsword
Xmas Moss Wall
Ludwigia Red
Lace Java Fern
Hygrophila Compact
Rotala Wallichi
Rotala Green
Rotala Singapore
Val Nana
Crypt. Wendtii Green
Anubias Nana

The Amazon Sword from v1 got too ridiculous. I purchased this nice piece of wood from aqua forrest in SF and wanted to feature more hardscape in v2. Also I wanted more swimming room so the fish could be viewed more. Here is initial planting:


6/13/13 (red ludwigia added)

side view

I threw it some mondo grass and my extra crown of spathiphylum golden glow from my riparium in my AC 70

I'll update this frequently with better pics. Questions/feedback/critique/comments/replies are most welcome :D

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I conquered my BGA with a 4 day blackout! :icon_surp

Then my CO2 ran out, and I was without CO2 for 3 days, cut down the photoperiod to 4 hours. I should have done another blackout because now I have small amounts of BBA and some other crap. But I got more CO2 and I've spot treated with H2O2 and cranked up the gas and now I'm just being patient.

microsword carpet coming along. I've concluded that this is a better med light carpeting plant instead of high light. It grows nicer in the shadier parts of the tank.

right side

I gave my red ludwigia a big trim a few weeks ago and it hasn't lushed back as nice as I'd like. Rotala Walichi I'm still eh about but I'm giving it more time.

Updated Fauna list:
9 glowlight tetra
4 Brass Tetra
2 Checker Barbs
1 female GBR
2 Ottos
3 Amano Shrimp

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Okay so here's the scoop:

My CO2 ran out. I had a $100 bill handy, so I thought "What the hell let's get a 5lb." Long story short, my source for the 5lb was flaking all over the place on me, and I went a 5 day blackout (too long) and then 2 weeks of low photoperiod.

My Blyxa started to rise out of the substrate (pictured). My Hygrophila Kompact lost a ton of leaves. Everything else did all right. In fact, the Xmas moss, Lace Java Fern, Microsword, Val Nana, Rotala Green and Crypt Wendtii Green all did fine.

When I finally refilled my paintball co2 tanks, I did my usual water change maintenance and when I was all done, the sun was beaming in. I know sunlight into an aquarium is bad, but it was only for a few minutes until I decided to close my blinds. I took pictures but trust me it looked WAY better in person.

Left Side View

Another update will come soon.
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