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Re-scaped the a tank this past weekend and have some leftover plants, perfect time for a raok. They were handled ruffly trying to de-tangle them so many stems have bare sections with missing leaves but put them in water with light and there will be new growth quickly.
Package includes whats shown in photo below:
Penny wort, creeping jenny, some hydro sp. japan, riccia... the tank use to have micro sword and mini micro sword so some may be in there .. didn't look too hard.

$7 PayPal (goods and services) continental US only, small flat rate priority box. First come first serve. 1 package available. I ship Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings.

These plants come from a tank I just recently won a green spot algae war with-there may be some still on them, its always a good idea to bleach dip new plants for safety. The tank has a dwarf puffer so the chance of snails is near 0 (he eats them so fast!), but again good idea to dip just in case.
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