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$9 shipping and handling; PM if interested!

Here is what you get:

E. acicularis (dwarf hair grass): ~1.5" circumference for portion
L. laevigatum (Amazon frogbit)
S. repens: 2 small, rooted plants; 2 clippings that will root
C. dewitii 'Papua New Guinea:' small portion of rooted rhizome
L. mauritiana (a small chain sword)
C. wendtii 'Bronze:' 7 plantlets

Disclaimer: This package cannot be guaranteed to be free of pond snails/eggs, U. gibba (floating bladderwort), R. fluitans, and/or L. minor (common duckweed). Please be aware of weather conditions if you are interested in the package and understand that I am not responsible for shipping related plant damage or Post Office errors.

Payment: Please send me a private message if you would like the package and I will link you to my PayPal. Once payment is received, I will package the plants and send you a tracking number ASAP.
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