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This package is an assortment of the following floarters: frogbit, tiger-stripe frogbit, salvinia molesta, salvinia minima, duckweed, giant duckweed, there's some dwarf water lettuce in there, and maybe some red root floaters too. I'm just basically grabbing it and putting it into the package, not being selective.

If you have a betta tank, or a tank with too much light, this would be perfect for you.

Disclaimer, there will be pest snails such as MTS, pond snails, and ramshorn potentially in the package!

Please be mindful of your weather, and please understand that once the package is shipped, it's outside of my jurisdiction, and control. I always ship in priority 2 day, however, with the pandemic I have seen it go for a bit longer. I have had it sitting for one week before package arrived, and it has successfully thrived. Tracking numbers are included. Whatever I can fit in a small priority box, it'll be shipped to you.



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