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I did a trim, and want to sell these plants for USPS Priority 2-Day Shipment TODAY (while it's above freezing in the Great Lakes region). portions vary from 2 to 8 stems 7" stems, all algae and snail free and displaying their reds well. you must have: PTrader>0, >19gal, >3WPG, and agree to snail mail me a $10 cash (for plants & shipping) once we exchange mailing addresses by PM, sorry no PayPal. I will update this thread once this plant pack is gone.


1. Bacopa monnieri - Moneywort MEDIUM tennis ball portion
2. Vesicularia montagnei - Xmas Moss SLOW tennis ball portion
3. Polygonum Kawagoneum MEDIUM
4. Juncus repens - SLOW -midground
5. Rotala: green-stem green to pink leaves MEDIUM
6. Rotala: red-stem green to red leaves MEDIUM
7. Ludwigia Inclinata MEDIUM
8. Ranunculus inundatus MEDIUM -midground
9. Hottonia palustris MEDIUM -midground
10. Myriophyllum mattogrossense green FAST
11. Najas indica FAST
12. Hemigraphis traian MEDIUM - not pictured
13. Ludwigia sp. 'Guinea' MEDIUM
14. Limnophila aromatica MEDIUM
15. Micranthemum umbrosum MEDIUM
16. Hygrophila difformis - Wysteria FAST

18"x26" Tray:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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