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GONE LIVE!! - Mark's 55 gal Tank Journal, (Dissolved) (NO 56K)

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It is 2:30pm EST here in Ohio and I am counting down the hours till I get home so I can start on my 55 gal planted tank. Over New Year's break, I tore down my 55 gal artificial tank to begin to get ready to turn it into a planted tank. I ordered my lighting, eco-complete and a few other items and they arrived today as did my plants. I will be starting in on the tank around 6:00 tonight and will post live updates of my progress as well as taking suggestions along the way. I will be a long but enjoyable evening so stay tuned. I will post pics off the tear down later.
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yes rry it up... and make sure you slope that eco...
Just stop what you're doing and start working on the tank, NOW!

I'm getting ready to see some awesome pictures.
When you want the time to go faster, it doesn't and then tonight when I want it to go slow it won't. 1 1/2 hours to go.......I wish I could leave now..:mad:
Nobody will notice, just say you have to go to the bathroom and never go back.
Having a little set back. My aqualight was damaged in shipping and they are sending me a new one which will be here next Wednesday. I ordered supper for my daughter and I and will be getting started very soon. I have a few modifications I need to do to the base then I will get started. Uhhhgggg!!
Hope your planing on a long night. Must my 6 gallon I did yesterday took 4 hours. lol
Can't wait to see pictures.
Well it has been very slow and I apologize for no post thus far, but final I have gotton the eco-complete and some arrangement done. Looking for your thoughts.

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Its a start.
I can't wait to see things get started.

On a side note, you spelled Journal wrong. You spelled it journel.
Well, as you can see by the time of my post it is 3:00am. Still not done but getting close. Here are a few pics on where I am at right now.


Left side

Right side
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I am tired and going to bed. Finish up later.
Looks good so far! Rip the hairgrass out and plant it over the entire area you want it to cover.
The tank is now LIVE!!!! This weekend did not go as I planned, but I think I have got it finished. (But never satisfied) Let me know what you think...

Full shot...

Right Side...

Left Side...

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Here are some specs for this tank:

55 gal tank
Whisper 3 power filter
Coralife Aqualight w/ (4) 65 watt 6700k bulbs
(6) bags of Eco-Complete substrate
power head to disperse DIY CO2

And plants:
Myrio Red
Myrio Green
Ludwigia, Broad leaf
Rotala Magenta
Rotala Indica
Cambomba Green
Cabomba Purple
Wendtii, Red
Dwarf hairgrass
Jungle Vals
Dark Red Jungle Val
Tiger Lotus
Ludwigia Peruensis
Rotalla Wallichii
Telanthera Rosefolia
Narrow Leaf Chain Sword
Anubias Nana

Will be adding fish in a couple weeks. I want the plants to get astablished before I add any fish so they won't tear it up.
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