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Permanently relocating to another state - giving away EVERYTHING. Located DFW Texas area (North Arlington). Heres a video. Ive been on this forum since 2005 (and ill probably be back) - this forum has given me a wealth of information, and its time i give back.

- It is currently still up and running. You have to come disassemble it. I recently injured my right hand and i can't take anything apart right now.

- I wont ship anything, not even if you pay.

- You must take EVERYTHING away. Flora, fauna, substrate, hardware, water (if you want the water) - EVERYTHING. If you say, oh im going to leave the fish behind, or im gonna leave the stand behind - sorry, no deal.

- if you want to split the stuff with a buddy, fine - talk it out beforehand and let me know. but pick up everything on the same day. If you want to split it with a stranger, fine too, just work it out over PM or in this thread and then PM me.

To clarify the video, it's a finnex Ray2. any other questions please ask in this thread and i will edit this post and put the answer here.
EDIT: also theres about 20 amano shrimps, some nerites, and a million MTS in there.

In your PM, please put a date (on a weekend) that you will come pick it up (If you just put "hey im interested, email/text me" i wont respond). I will PM you my address, however if another person PMs with an earlier date than your date, s/he will get first dibs, and I'll PM you back to let you know. Basically first person to show up at my door with a truck, buckets, and bags, gets it. I'm going to keep all communications in PMs to avoid confusion - unless you're literally headed down. then we can call/text for directions.

I'm calling in a moving company to throw everything away on the 2nd of january if no one answers this post.

I'll also be posting this to the Texas subthread on this forum.
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