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Gone !!! Amazon Swords - Echinodorus Bleheri Gone!!!

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I have 6 Amazon Swords, Echinodorus Bleheri I believe, to give away. These are about 9" tall with 6-12 leaves and 3"+ roots. They are very clean, no algae but could have blatter snails and/or java moss. I really doubt if they have blatter snails since they are in a 5 gal hold tank with 6 Assasin snails but you never know. They are coming from a CO2 30ppm, high light, ecocomplete substrait tank. They are available for pick up in South East Aurora, south of E470, or I can meet in south Denver area, Parker, Aurora, Highlands Ranch. Sorry, no shipping. PM me if you want them and please post here that you did so. First PM takes.
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Received your PM and Pmed you back. At the top of this page, or any page for that matter, you should see, if you are logged in, the link Private Message. Just click on it.
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