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Leaving MIA, was wondering if anyone had any interest taking over this whole setup as is.

(Old thread here)

Tank is running on almost 2 years, no maintenance other than water topoffs and trimming.

- 54W T5HO grow light (single tube) + stand
- 20L derimmed (will have to drain water and move very carefully; moved it once before and it was fine)
- 2 planted AC50 filters

- plants: lots of lucky bamboo, fissidens, round pellia, HM, dwarf hair grass, marsilea minuta, hydrocotyle japan, lindernia parviflora, various rotalas, various ludwigias

- fauna: 3 platies (can toss these if you don't want them), 1 pygmaeus corydoras I can't catch, 20+ PFRs, some stray CRS, lots of snails and some scuds

$80 take it all

I'm just north of Midtown, please be able to move this.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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