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Goldfish safe substrate

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I'm looking into setting up a new tank for a fancy goldfish and wanted to know if larger gravel(about 3/4 inch diameter) would be safe? I have small gravel(regular pea sized) in the old tank and I've caught my fish picking it up in its mouth. I want to be sure as it grows the fish won't choke on it. I'm also considering sand or sand/ large river rocks as other options. The new tank came with the larger gravel so if it can be used that would be nice. I've had luck with plants (floating and rooted) in the original tank, but I can always go with just floating if it's safer for the fish. Thanks.
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I love pool filter sand in my goldfish tank, they can't choke, it's easy for them to find left over food, it's heavy enough that when they pick it up and spit it out it sinks pretty much immediately, it's easy to clean pluss it's cheap! 50lbs for 6-12 dollars! Yay!

Good luck!
Would a python vac suck up sand? I like the look of sand, but I've never used it before. Would a few rounded river stones laying on the sand cause problems? I spent the day on Google images getting ideas, but I'm not set on anything specific.
You can look at my pics in my sig, I have lots of river rocks, they do get buried from the goldfish picking up and spitting out the sand. No a python won't pick up pool filter sand if you don't get close enough for it to do it, I just use the tube actually and not the wide mouth part.
Go to a landscape store and buy some nice smooth rocks 2-3 inches in diameter. Mexican beach pebbles look particularly good, and your goldies won't be able to choke on them.
No offense, bigger rocks create crevices were uneaten food from messy goldfish eaters falls and rots, creating more water issues on top of the already high bioload of the fish itself.
Adding in a few large river stones adds visual interest to a sandy base its easy enough to move them around for cleaning. i would advise against going for a deep sand bed and just go with enough to cover the bottom. up to 1 inch deep. i keep driftwood in my tank to tie plants to and floating anacharis they love to eat it. just avoid sharp edges and it will be fine. also gravel does cause choking and its scary to watch. my tanks no longer have gravel.
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