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Goldfish returned couldn't grow plants & now

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Hi all,
After everyone suggestion and did some research I decided to give my Goldie's to Lfs. I kept for two years but never able to be success in growing plants.
Now my question is I hv 20 gal...20 length 17 inch height and 5 inch of substrate play sand. My light is cfl screw in 2X20 watts daylight with foil as reflector.

i know i posted while back regarding my since i don't hv goldies any more and trying to keep some school fo 6-10 small fishe around 2 inch the most they can grow.

plus i'd like to make it really green lush and if possible either grass in the front ifnot that's fine...i like to have low to medium light tank with no co2 and ferts i've as below.
but would really need recommendation for lights i'd be looking either to upgrade or use same one
and i've root medic root tabs and liquid micro & macro and excel.
it would be great if i can get suggestion as what would be the best in my case....

gald to hear.
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