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Hello! My pair of 6 year old goldfish had some (lots) or fry a few months ago. I wanted to keep some as I thought it would be nice to have some of their offspring for when they had passed.
I was in no way able to house all 300 or so and decided to pick the 4 best swimming ones in hopes of only 2 making it. We'll, only one made it and it's in my planted 6 gallon shrimp tank. When I placed it into its own 10 gallon it stopped eating and got really skinny. I put it back in the shrimp tank and it's blossoming.
Issue is, it's getting bigger and less careful about how close it pecks towards the shrimp.

How can I put it back into the 10 gallon and ensure it'll do well? All it knows it foraging the floor for food and pecking the roots of the lily pads. It doesn't know to look to the surface for food and does not like any sort of flakes or sinking pellets. The food it forages from the floor is the fluval bug bites shrimp formula. Would buying it a small petsmart goldfish as a companion help to show it how to look to the surface for food?

Few pics of it as it's grown up!



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