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golden ram eggs disappeared... :(

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Work up this morning and turn on the light and all the eggs are gone. I immediately look at my tetras bellies as you can tell if they ate and it didn't look like they have.

So I dunno where the eggs are :(
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Rams have a habit of eating their own eggs the first few times they spawn. Are these new to spawning?
Second time. They were doing so good for the first 3 day gaurding fanning and taking turns watching them. I don't think they would eat them after 3 days.

They did eat a few eggs that went white though.
My rams (Bolivian) ate the eggs on the third day for first few times they spawned.
Crappy... I guess its possible, I was just thinking with the great job they were doing I wouldn't think they would eat them at this point.
My rams had hidden their eggs. Even I was wondering where they had disappeared. Then after a few days I was pleasantly surprised by swimming fry :)
Sometimes when the eggs are gone the parents have moved them to someplace that they feel more comfortable. Also there is a good chance they were eaten. Some rams are just bad parents and will just eat the eggs everytime and some will figure out how to raise them. Only time will tell.
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