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Just take him out of the aquarium and put him on your desk/table/whatever. They can live out of water just fine if they don't dry out. They move to the air at the top of the tank and pump their lungs full of air, then go back into the water, kind of like a water mammal in that regard. If he's floating it means he's got air trapped in his air sac and maybe taking him out of the water will help him rectify that.

Just a thought. If he's alive he also might be transitioning from growth phase to reproducing phase, which costs them energy, and they get quiet while this happens, and can take days.

This is a good resource, although it's been abandoned for a while.

Good luck! I can't seem to keep apple snails in my tank to save my life. Mine act fine, active, grow, lay eggs, etc....then for reasons completely baffling to me, they up and die. No warning. No shriveled foot. Just. Die. Drives me crazy!

Then people say that nerites need brackish water for their eggs to hatch... I get baby nerites. Go figure. I have hard water (that I add calcium chloride and magnesium sulfate to for the snails) and pressurized CO2 in a densely planted 30 gallon. This shouldn't happen by common folklore, but I regularly have little baby zebra nerites zooming all over the place.

Apple snails...yea....baffling....
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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