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Hey guys this is my first post on here as well as my first planted tank.

I have 8 gold white cloud fish, 2 cherry shrimp, and 2 rummynose tetra in a 20 gal tank which has been cycled using a filter from a different mature tank that I have.

Every day when I try to feed my fish they seem completely oblivious to the food (flake food) which kinda sits at the top. I thought "hey maybe they are just mid swimmers so they don't see the food". So the next day I put the food right next to the filter so the water kinda pushed the food down. The food passed right in front of them and still nothing. So I thought ok let me try some dried brine shrimp again no reaction, I've also tried frozen shrimp with no success.

Does any one know of a food that their gold white clouds love? is there some reason this is happening ? should i just skip a day and hope they get extra hungry? (btw my nitrate and nitrite levels are good and same with ammonia and pH)

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Welcome to the forum :)
Im sorry but there is not enough information to give a reason why not eating-- the only thing we know is that they are not eating, what you have tried to feed them, tank size, and tank mates. Any guess from these details would be pure speculation.

Providing more context would help:
When received them how long were they in bag? Did you get from LFS or online?
How did you acclimate them? How long have you had them?
What are your water parameter numbers from today's water test? Do you use strips or API test?--- these numbers are important to know, even if they are "good".
Are they showing any other symptoms that may help determine cause? Gasping for air, rubbing on objects, white feces, poor color?
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