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One of my gold tetras has been injured. I can't get a photo, but its entire cadual fin and the end of its tail is gone, and there's bone sticking out. It's swimming alright, but it's twitching its tail in what looks like an indication of pain. It should heal alright, I think. It seems very stressed right now, so I'm going to wait until tomorrow to do a water change, to see if maybe it'll calm down a bit.
I'm currently trying to figure out what happened. The gold tetra is a bit under an inch long, and the three largest fish in the tank are a young molly, a female betta, and a ram, all just a bit over an inch long. None of them have a mouth large enough to fit that much of a tetra's tail into their mouth, and I don't think any of them have the inclination to do so. Could it have been injured at some point and caught a spreading fungal infection, and if so, what should I treat with?
I haven't been able to observe my gold tetras very closely for awhile, they're very timid. They used to be out in the open more, but their companion glowlights got old and died, and now they're scared. I'm currently adding plants to get them a bit more confident.
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