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I have a Gold-red severum whom has a white spot on his head. yesterday I came home from work and fed him around 6pm. He looked fine then. I was looking in at him around 9 or 10 and noticed a white spot on his head. Today it has changed from a white spot to a more cotton like texture and has some of the "cotton" coming from his nostril. Here are his pics from today
I tested my tank parameters with API FRESHWATER Master Test Kit today. PH 7.8 Nitrate 10 ppm Nitrite 0 ammonia 0. temp atm is 77 but changes between 76 and 79.
The tank is a 100 gallon and has been set up at my house for 4 1/2 months. I bought it off of craigslist and the previous owner had it set up for over a year. I did not change the gravel or the filter. The filter is a rena filstar xp3. I also have two 500gph power heads inside the tank to circulate the water around the tank.
The tank has 2 gold red severums, ( one 6 inches, one 7 inches), 2 bristlenose plecos ( 3 inches and 5 inches), 3 angel loaches, 5 neon tetras, 5 rosy barbs. I have Java Fern and Anubis growing, the Anubis I added two weeks ago.
I do water 40 % water changes weekly and if i am in the mood a 20% in between. I feed them Tetra Mix Flake ( daily), TetraCichlid CICHLID CRISPS (every other day) , Hikari Cichlid Gold ( every other day), bloodworms ( every 3 days ) , cucumbers (weekly to bi weekly), algeewaffers (whenever i remember).
I have an empty 10 gallon i can use as a hospital tank and API MelaFix.
I recently started doing water changes different by eliminating the bucket and running tap directly into my tank after putting stress coat into it. Today they are due for a water change. I also started using Seachems Florish Excel over the last two weeks - i have been using Seachems Florish.
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!
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