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The EH (mini glosso) carpet is getting out of control so I'm pulling it out and starting over. I have a lot for sale if anyone wants a large patch, special pricing.

This EH is grown in Sacramento tap water. I inject a lot of co2 and have med light. My tank is 78 degrees or warmer. I sold all of my EH last year to someone on this site. A few weeks later, I found a stem of it growing on some wood. From that stem I've grown this carpet. It's not as hard as people say, but it will need a chance to adapt to your water conditions.

Pm works best as I don't visit this site much anymore.

Shipping will be on Saturdays.

Buy one 1x4 inch patch for $40 shipped USPS priory mail and get another for just $10. So $50 Shipped for a 2x4 inch patch.

Anyone who previously purchased a 1x4 patch, please PM me and I will do another for $10 shipped.

I also have a large amount of Anubias Nana Petite. 2 inch rhizome for $5 plus shipping. There could be a small amount of BBA on older leaves, but very healthy. Shipping is $7 priority or I can add to any EH purchase.


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