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Going out of town for 2 days. No food/Excel being added. Should I reduce lighting?

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The last time I was out of town for a few days, I had a friend stop by to feed the fish and to dose my tank with Excel. but overall, for a day before and after that the tank went without a dose of Excel, which I normally dose daily.

After returning from that trip, I noticed that there seemed to be a bump in black beard algae in my tank. I have very scant amount of algae in my tank, you could hardly notice it's there, but because I'm super observant to a fault, I noticed the increase in this type of algae.

So I'm getting ready to go out of town again for the weekend. There will not be any added fertilizer or food to the tank, I'm not even going to have my friend come over to feed the fish. They should be fine for two days without food.

I understand that there is a balance between carbon source, lighting, and nutrients. Since the tank will be without nutrients and carbon for two days, should I consider reducing my lighting so that I don't see another increase in algae? Kind of reducing the balance?
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You may shut the lighting for few days. It wouldn't hurt. It would be a black out while your away.
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