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going for medium lighting for a 38 gal

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i currently have 1 bulb T8 6500k light fixture for my tank... will i need more or should i get a double bulb fixture or even a double t5 fixture? im just going for a medium lighting in my tank... i dont want to start planting until i have everything situated xD tanks for your time guys
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You could use the FishNeedIt 2 bulb T5HO light, and get medium light, perhaps low medium light. With that light and CO2 you could grow just about all of the plants you might want to grow. Higher light would likely give you better color of the reddish plants, but not for sure, but the price would be a lot more problems avoiding major algae attacks.
my thing is im trying to keep the cost as low as possible but lighting (next to CO2) is probably the most expensive part so ill have to deal with it xD
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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