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Go big, or go home--Madagascar Lace

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How's this for a madagascar lace? The big leaf at top of the tank is 30 inches long by 6 inches wide. The rest are between 12 and 25 inches and still growing. To give you perspective, the tank measures 37L X 18W X 21.5H.

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Hm, I'm surprised that all the leaves on your plant look the same green color.

Some years ago I unloaded a half rotten bulb of the Lace to my neighbour. That was his first tank and he overkilled it all - 9 bags of Amazonia, 330 watts of light, water changes every other day... in a 75 gallon tank.

Well, 5 months later he rang my door bell and handed me the Lace back. This 6' tall guy had his hand up high and the plant hung down to about his knees! He said he was sick of this thing growing huge leaves every which way.

Each leaf was perfectly healthy, but was colored in a different color. There were greens, browns, yellows, dark reds. That's why I was surprised to see a big Lace like that one but with only green leaves.
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