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Glueing broken Manzanita?

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So I had a GREAT piece of manzanita root soaking in my backyard and our moron gardener walked by and broke it.:angryfire:angryfire:angryfire:angryfire

I resisted choking him and then went and checked it out. It's a rad twisty piece. I'm wondering if I can-

1)Dry it out
2)Silicone or other aquarium safe glue
3)And then bind with fish line or something

Any thoughts?

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you may be able to use superglue. Lots of people super glue moss to rocks.

Id put that sucker in your tank and get some weights to hold it down.
Hmm... seems like some 2 part epoxy glues are ok to use as well.. maybe check into those as those would be the best option for gluing wood....
Thanks for the ideas guys! I'll look into them.

Accord- I had the same thought. Reattach and cover with moss. It's a South American Biotope-ish but I figure I can fudge and use moss in place of algae! Hell, I'm going to have Algae Shrimp in there anyhow because I already have them in my smaller tank so it's not exact.:cool:

Thanks guys!

Is Gorilla Glue safe??? I love that stuff! I have stock

The putty glue that can be used underwater for corals etc.
+2 on Gorilla glue. I used it to reattach broken manzy. Its now in a tank with RCS and everyones doing good.
I'm pumped. I don't have hurt the gardener. Thanks you guys!!

To be honest, I was the idiot. I'd gathered about 2 dozen REALLY cool pieces of manzanita; branches and roots. I bought a 50 gallon rubbermaid and was soaking them. This root was super twisty and forked off a few times and I watched him walk right past my rubbermaid, snag the root, and break it. I kind of yelled at him. And I could see in his eyes that he was thinking, "it's a pile of sticks in a water-filled barrel. WTF?"

Anyway, I'll fix it.

Could you put a stainless steel screw through it?
Thought about that. But the root at that point is only about the dia. of my little finger.

Gorilla glue did it!


P.S. I'll post a pic.
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