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GlowPanel 45

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I ran across these at a local salvage store.

I was wondering if they can be used on a planted tank.

Here are some specs:

LED - 225 total - 165 x Red and 60 x Blue
Power - 14W
Blue - 450-470nm / Red - 630-660nm
Voltage - 110v US or 220v European
Operating Temperature: -29F~ +113F / -34C~ +45C
Dimentions - 12.25" x 12.25" x 1.2"

Thank you, in advance. I am still trying to understand all the led specs.
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Thanks. They come with hanging hardware and the power source.
I have an 8' tank. I was thinking about alternating 2 or these with 2 6500K spotlights. Do you think it would blend very well? Or just look like different color patches? How deep of a tank could these be used with?
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