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Glowlight Tetra sick?

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Hello, my boyfriend and I have had this tank for 3 years. It's a very well established 20g long tank with 4 glowlights and 4 neon tetras. We also have a clown pleco, a pair of GBRs, shrimp, and snails.

Everyone looks fine, acting normal, and eating very well (you can see some brine shrimp floating around as we had just put them in at the time the photos were taken) except for this one glowlight. They've gotten very rounded out on the sides and there's a pink-red area on both sides.

We've looked up pretty much anyway we possibly could for an answer with the sudden new appearance change and are coming up empty handed so we're hoping that we can get some answers that would lead us in the right direction of what's going on.

Our water parameters are looking good with 0ppm ammonia and 0ppm nitrites from tests we did yesterday. and I'm not sure what it is currently as we don't test for it as often as the others but last time we had 0-5ppm nitrates (tested less than 3 weeks ago).

My boyfriend is worried that it might be TB and we're extremely stressed out because the last thing we want right now is to start over.

Any info or thoughts are extremely helpful for us as the only thing we ever ran into was tetra disease in one of our first ever neon tetras when we had a 5gallon, and a little bit of ich when we were quarantining our GBRs so we have no idea if this is normal for a glowlight tetra or not as they get older.

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