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Ok so i have grown glosso sucessfully in the past, but there were just a few pieces of glosso left from my last rescape so i juts decided to randomly plant then in my tank somewhere. Well now these select few piece are just growing vertically and not sending out runners at all. I have 48 watts of T5 HO over my 20 gallon tank and 220 watts over my 55 gallon so i know lighting is not the issue. I do run co2. I am just curious as to what i need to do to get these pieces to start sending out runners. I started trimming down the vertical pieces to encourage this but it has just been a day. Any pointers?
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Keep trimming the vertical parts to encourage the Glosso to carpet, I'd say.
that sounds like the way to go. i had some growing in finally and then it decided to disapear on guessing my bristlenose made a snack out of them.
Thanks guys i really do think that these plants just got into the habit of growing up and i need to help them out a little... thanks for confirming
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