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Glosso runners growing vertically?

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MY glosso has been spreading very slowley, and its really bothering me. Could this be the problem? My glosso runners are growing vertically, not horizontally. Is this lack of lighthing? I've got 2.6 wpg

ANy help? I'ts been spreading but pretty slowely.
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it's a common problem. do a search for;
glosso vertical
and you'll find lots of threads discussing this.

BTW those thin vertical runners are
a pest plant called bladderwort, and they
should be manually removed from your tank.
I remove them when they are on other things,, so I should remove those things on the glosso? Whats the difference between glosso runners and those pests.
The stuff growing up from your glosso (the string with the little bumps along it?) is actually Utricularia gibba, a bladderwort. Go ahead and tug it gently out of your glosso and throw it away. It's one of those little pleasures (like duckweed) that we run into before too long. :hihi: Nothing to worry too much about though, it's just an annoyance. Your glosso itself just looks like it needs more time to settle in. I see at least one leaf growing at the substrate surface level, I think it'll do fine once it starts to take off. Be patient :)
Whats the difference between glosso runners and those pests.
A runner is an offshoot of the mother plant that grows horizontally just on top of the ground or underground that produces another plant.
Bladderwort (what you have there) is a carnivorous plant.
I removed alot of them, they were like EVERYWHERE.
once a week remove all the new ones you find.
then in about 2 Months they should all be gone.
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