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Got wood???
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Rotala Colorata (4) 4-6" stems $3.00 SOLD
(30+/-) shoots of Glosso $3.00 SOLD
Myriophyllum mattogrossense (6) 4-6" stems $3.00 SOLD
Riccia fluitans solid golf ball size clump $2.00 SOLD
HEMIANTHUS MICRANTHEMOIDES (20) 3-4" stems / baby tears $2.00
Mayaca fluviatilis (4) 6"+ stems $3.00
Bacopa australis (4) 4" stems $2.00 SOLD

Payment via non CC Paypal please.
Shipping is a flat $5.00 via priority. ( I combine shipping on orders.) Last package shipped on Tuesday afternoons.
-->No heatpacks available so check your weather. I always give extras and very generous portions.

I have some snails and very little algae, if you don't want either of these hitchhickers I suggest a nice medicated dip prior to planting them in your tank.

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Is that the same riccia I sold you? If so it looks like its growing in quite well.

Free bump for some good plants!
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