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Glosso Planting

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First time planting glossostigma and I am looking for some feedback. I have broken it up into individuals stems. It's a bit leggy which I'm assuming is the result of being grown emersed.

Should I let it root before before trimming it down to smaller stems?

I also read somewhere of a planting technique where the stem is planted sideways in order to support spreading and horizontal growth. Also read somewhere to "cut emmersed growth." Call me naive, but I feel like it is relatively hard to determine a difference between immersed and emersed.

Here are some photos of where it stands today.

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Here is a closer substrate shot of a few stems.

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I planted mine recently by cutting my stems into little upside down "T" shapes where the top of the T is the main root and the bottom point is a leaf. I also planted a few single leaves and they rooted too. Mine is currently sending out runners and staying pretty low.

Personally, I would have cut and planted mine into more shorter pieces than yours but I think if you let it root and see runners follow that up with a good hair cut. I would be too lazy to replant it unless it starts to not do well but with proper conditions you should be fine.
That was my original thought as well. It was in a rush to get it planted. I am thinking if I have some time I will make some cuts into smaller pieces. That will give me some more individual stems to work with as well. Haven't seen any runners yet but its only been planted a few days so we will see.
I have glosso both emersed and immersed, and so far, my emersed growth seems to have smaller leaves than my immersed ones do. I have one also growing in a small wine glass and it's starting to get leggy like yours.

You don't necessarily have to plant glosso horizontally, it just helps it carpet quicker. I remember it being a pain just to plant several nodes altogether, so I'd have to separate them to get them to grow.

You just trim the top of the glosso, and do this every now and then if it starts to grow vertically to train it to grow horizontally. This way, it eventually carpets.
Thanks for the response. I'll see what I can do about planting it sideways. Also going to try and trim some if it to plant. We will see how it goes. Regardless I feel like it being so leggy right now isn't going to promote horizontal growth.

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Please post an update after you trim, and let us know how things progress. I am also currently struggling to get my Glosso to carpet. Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.....
Alright so after trimming and replanting a major of the gloss, I think that it will do much better. I was seeing a fair amount of growth, so I think I can keep it alive. I'll update as it grows. Hopefully more horizontally this time around.

by madriverpat, on Flickr
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Here's another with some of the stems planted sideways.

by madriverpat, on Flickr
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