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Glosso / HC

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Is it possible to get a nice carpet of at least glosso (HC would be nicer :) ) in ~2.6 WPG CFL bulbs, CO2, and no ferts? I heard it can live, but not thrive and create a nice carpet but rather start growing up towards the light. I'm pretty sure HC can't grow nicely in this setup.
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On the Glosso, once it start growing upward, your lighting is left on too much, or too high of a lighting.

Glosso is easy to grow, I'm growing it in a 2.5gallon tank with just co2. The Glosso is lust green don't see no sign of discoloration in the leaves. It also spreads out nicely also. Doesn't take much to grow Glosso, it grows fast too.

I grew Glosso as a entire bottom foreground of a 20gallon long tank, very easy to grow!

HC is a little more difficult, I am also growing it in a 2.5gallon, haven't yet spread itself. Planted 3 days ago, still waiting for it to grow. Pearls like crazy in the meantime so hopefully it takes off like crazy.
Glosso it is! Tell me how the HC is doing in a few days please. Btw what kind of lighting do you habe over the HC?
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