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Glosso dying on 3rd day...HELP save these veggies...

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So I started my nano 1ft cube on saturday, and as of yesterday, 50-60% of them are brown and dead. This is a hi-tech tank, the glosso covers 70% of the tank.
Here, let me post some stats:

Tank: 7gal
pH: 6.8
CO2: 2bps
kH: 7dKH (was 14dKH yesterday, then did a 50% wc)
plant: Hydrocoytle and glossostigma
light: 70w 13,000k (6,500k bulb ordered)
Ferts: 3 drops of Bacter 100, 2 squirts of Brighty K
Substrate: ADA powersand and AS amazon type II
No fauna.

What's causing the glosso to die so quickly? So many are brown and dead...
Was it the KH? Will adding some fauna help with stabilizing the water params? (shrimps)

Thanks for any help,
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If I had to take a guess, I would say it would be the rapid change of you kh values...going from 14 to 7 in 24 hours tells me that the tank hasnt stabilized yet. Whats the ammonia? I had the ADA Amazonia, along with PS and my ammonia was off the charts for about 2-3 took about a month to fully have no ammonia or nitrites, and for the gh/kh to stabilize..How long has the tank been setup?
Day 4 today. Only have gH/kH and pH test kit...
I need to stop playing with those chemicals, but hard to watch the leaves turn brown in just a few hours...

Also, definitively, how do you get the degree for KH? Some say count the drop, 4 drops = 4 degrees, some say multiple the PPM(mg/L) by 0.056. Those two methods give different numbers.

Thanks in advance,
Depends what test kit you have. Some give you degrees and some give you ppm which is the same as mg/L. If your test kit gives you ppm and you want dkH then multiply by 0.056. If you test kit gives you dkH and you want ppm then divide by 0.056.

I just got into this hobby but isnt 10watts a gallon a bit high or is that a miss type? 70 watt's over a 7gal tank? Your might want to kick down the lighting a bit. I thought you can grow both those plants with about 3 watts a gallon?
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