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Glofish and Neon Tetra community in a new tank?

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I just finished setting up a planted tank, and I soon will be introducing some fishies to it. The plan right now is to get about 3 Glofish, about 8 neon tetras, and a few red cherry shrimp. Do these guys live well together? I've also read that tetras don't do well in tanks that aren't yet established. Are Glofish hardy enough fish to introduce to a new tank?
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Glofish are just genetically modified zebra danios. They're schooling fish, and require greater numbers to really be happy, and curb possible mating/dominance related aggressiveness.

I recently posted a thread called "RIP, Glofish" detailing my several years experience with them in the fish section here. I don't claim it's a typical experience, but it may be of interest to you.
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