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GLO at petsmart

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has anyone seen or ised this before:
i was woundering how well it would work and if it is worth the price i think the one i saw 48" 2 x 54 watt was around $140.
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Personally, I like them. My LFS turned me on to them for my tropheus tanks. I use them in conjunction with the PCs that I already have on the tank. The PCs have 4x55 - 9325 and the GLO are 2x54 Powerlight. Really brings out the color of the fish. Since I like them so much, I also plan to get them for my 3ft-90 gal plant tanks, and use them with Geissman bulbs.

BTW, check your local fish store for possibly better pricing.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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