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Glassware on a rimmed tank? Pics?

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I only sort of apprecated really highend when I first saw it in thread here. A few months ago I discovered AFA in SF and saw all the nice stuff in person. I am a form and function person, so it is not just about looks, it is not just about function and I will pay a bit more.

I like on many tanks I see now, in person or on the forums where you can see the equipment. My eheim stuff is far less noticable than lilly pipes in the tank and pretty well hidden behind the tank (you know it's there but it doesn't pop out at you).

I already have a glass diffusor and drop check. I may diffuse my co2 through an inline reactor but right now I like the bubbles. I am interested in a non DIY bubble counter and lilly pipes (once I raise the lights up).

I just don't want my tank to stand out and look cheap. I have an Aqueon tank so it is pretty generic, black rimmed, you all know the deal.

Just curious, I do plan on getting a similar sized rimless tank but not in the next few years right now. I did just find a standard 29 gallon rimless in someones thread for not a bad price though, who knows what will happen if they are satified with the quality lol.
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